Solo shows

September 2016 • Rebirth, Vermillion, Seattle, WA

May 2016 • Run Race Ragged: Three Takes on Racial Politics in America, Ghost Gallery, Seattle, WA

March 2015 • Disconnects: The Linguistics of Race, Zeitgeist Coffee, Seattle, WA

April 2013 • Design-Unbuild: The Adaptive Architecture of Thought, Caffe Torino, Seattle, WA

March 2012 • Genius Loci: Mixed Media Work, Row House, Seattle, WA

Group shows

November 2016 • High Blood, presented by The CultureShock Collective, Spaceworks Gallery, Tacoma, WA

November 2016 • Portrayal: Contemporary Portraiture, North Seattle College Art Gallery, Seattle, WA

October 2015 • Ballyhoo, Gary Henderson Gallery, Seattle, WA

January 2015 • Arts & Social Change Showcase, Arts & Social Change Symposium, Bellevue, WA

December 2014 • 9th Annual Miniature Art Extravaganza, Ghost Gallery, Seattle, WA

November 2014 • Bojagi: Unwrapping Korean American Identities, Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience, Seattle, WA

December 2012 • End of an Era, Bauhaus Books and Coffee, Seattle, WA

May 2000 • Parlour Room group show, Seattle, WA

April 1997 • East / West: Visions in Between, Arthur Ross Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Performances / Workshops

October 2015 • Here I Am: Creating a Self-Portrait as an Act of Cultural Resistance, workshop at 2015 Seattle Race Conference, Seattle, WA

December 2014 • Mirror Images, multimedia performance at Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience, Seattle, WA

July 2013 • The Racialized Self-Portrait, lecture and workshop for an American Literature: Art, Culture
and Imaginations of Social Change
class at Robinson Center for Young Scholars, University of Washington,
Seattle, WA

July 2013 • Displacing Rage: The Education of a Cultural Hybrid, multimedia performance at The Breadline Performance Series, Vermillion, Seattle, WA

May 2010 • Displacing Rage: The Education of a Cultural Hybrid, multimedia performance at Life in Marvelous Times: Cultural Work in the Racial Present conference, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Selected collections

Private collection of Isaac Layman

Collection of University of Pennsylvania, Fine Arts Department

Collection of FITCH


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BA, University of Pennsylvania
Major in English/Minor in Fine Art
Philadelphia, PA

Diploma in Desktop Production, Art Institute of Seattle
Seattle, WA


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